General terms and conditions of sale



  • No work may be requested prior to receipt of the signed quotation and advance payment of the total amount  (including transport costs).
  • Each quotation will provide options. Each accepted option must be clearly stipulated on the signed quotation.
  • Payment by bank transfer only, and in Euros.
  • Bank transfer fees shall be charged to the customer. The invoice amount is net.
  • The international bank transfer fee is EUR 20.


Delivery costs shall be charged to the customer.

Shipping of the watch shall be charged to the customer. Vintage Corner cannot be held responsible If the package is lost or damaged during shipping.

After repair, Vintage Corner offers a tracked international shipping service with insurance up to the actual value. In case of loss or theft during shipping, Vintage Corner EURL shall handle actions against the transporter and the insurer.

If the quotation is rejected, the quotation shall be invoiced to the customer at EUR 100 plus the costs of return. Return of the watch may not be requested before payment of this amount and the shipping costs.

The customer may organise the return of the watch by his or her own means. Vintage Corner EURL must be notified of this in writing. In this case, Vintage Corner EURL cannot be held responsible in the case of loss or theft or if the package is damaged.


  • Following a full service, each watch benefits from a 1 year repair guarantee (subject to normal usage conditions). Any watches that have been knocked or worn in extreme conditions cannot be covered by the repair guarantee.
  • For partial servicing, you will be notified of the details of the work performed.
  • Some antique or vintage watches cannot be covered by a guarantee relating to the movement setting or water resistance. This will be clearly indicated on the quotation.
  • Vintage Corner EURL reserves the right to refuse to repair a watch depending on the availability of the spare parts.


Delivery time:

  • Watch from a partner brand, under sales warranty: 3 weeks (from receipt of the signed quotation and payment).
  • Watch from a partner brand, not under warranty: 3 to 5 weeks (from receipt of the signed quotation and payment).
  • For all other watches, under warranty or not, modern or vintage, the delivery time shall be indicated on the quotation.