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vintage corner anonimo antique watch repair centre

Vintage Corner, official European repair centre for Anonimo watches

A history of passion… right from the start.

It was in 1997, in Florence, that Federico Massacesi, a well-known business man, and a handful of watchmaking fanatics, decided to establish ANONIMO. Guided by their passion and driven by the desire to breathe life back into the Florentine watch industry, they create, develop and manufacture small series of high quality, innovative watches. Starting with what is now the emblematic MILITARE line, the first models, which were robust and functional, were designed for military and professional divers. Since day one, the brand has fitted its watches with Swiss movements.

In 2003, the military engineer Colonel Dino Zei joined ANONIMO from Panerai, contributing his craftsmanship and expertise in terms of design and use of materials. The brand has been awarded several patents, both for the technical design of the watches and for their aesthetics. In particular, ANONIMO has established itself as a pioneering watch brand for the manufacture of watches in bronze. While maintaining a strong link to its Italian roots and in order to benefit from unrivalled expertise, the brand relocated to the cradle of watchmaking in Switzerland in 2013. Today, ANONIMO creates Swiss Made watches which combine robustness, functionality and elegance.

vintage corner official European repair centre anonimo
vintage corner official European repair centre manufacture vulcain

Vintage Corner, official European repair centre for Manufacture Vulcain watches

Manufacture Vulcain, established in 1858, is the inventor of the alarm complication for wristwatches. This invention earned the brand its reputation among American presidents from Harry S. Truman onwards, with the nickname “The Presidents’ Watch”.

vintage corner official European repair centre for manufacture vulcain watches